Friday, May 05, 2006

Research trip to UK

It was rainy day and I was droped off at the Greensboro Airport. My trip to UK for ceramic research had just begun on Dec 25th. I was very fortunate I received the Daiwa FOundation Fellowship for the research trip. But it was bitter X'mas for Takuro and myself, people stay toghether and have fun on that day, on the other hand we were leaving.

Airplane arrived to Heathrow on Dec 26th, it was Boxing day and not much transportation, so that our friend, John Rastall who runs Harequin Gallery in Greenwich, London came to pick me up. London was very very cold, but John said it was much warmer than usual.

Harlequin Gallery:

I arrived to my friend, Dorothy Feibleman's house after one hour drive. She was my best friend and we have known each other almost 10 years. Dorothy is probably the best Nerikomi (Laminated) Porcelain Artist in the world.

Dorothy Feibleman was born in IN, USA, and after graduation at RIT, she moved to UK because, as she said, UK was between Eastern Europe and USA, and her curiosity was always in Europe till she got to know Asia. She came to Japan in '90, and decided to spend more time there. Now she has the second studio in Tokoname, Japan, and her business are in Japan, USA, and Europe. Always back and forth in the world.

The reason why I like and respect her is that she is very clear of her mission what she is supposed to: she can make the most beautiful Nerikomi porcelain on the Earth. She has talent which no one has.

Dorothy Feibleman's works

These cups are same, just different lighting. It's absolutely amazing work.

There is the world in the small Sake cup


London is always exiting city and too many things to do. There are prestigious museums and galleries, so you can't have enough time to go every place.

British Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

Natural History Museum

Tate Modern

I had the only "Potters" book which gave me Engliish potters contact info, and I had no idea what's going to be hapened during my trip.

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