Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiln Foundation Update 5/31

We worked on kiln today too. It's the only time for us to do this in weekend, so we just keep working on this and no rest through the weekend. Hope we will be able to complete building kiln mostly by this summer, if possible by July because August is way too hot. Today's progress is we laid bricks in front and left side (except unfinished level for the left side). It might seem not much progress, but for us, it is.It is just rough sketch but this is going to be how our kiln look like.

Some people asked us why we lay bricks on the slope, and I am sure it seems like not stable at all, but this way is very common how to build Anagama in Shigaraki, Japan where Anagama was originally invented and built in the history. Because of its bowl shape, most weight of the kiln goes to the front part along the slope, and as long as bricks connect well each other, arch and kiln shape is stable. There are so many this kind of Anagama in Shigaraki, and it prove this way works pretty well.

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