Monday, June 01, 2009

Big Surprising Day

We are usually very tired on Monday because of working weekend recently, but today is the most surprising day for us. Our wonderful neighbour, Ben Owen suddenly came to our house by skid steer (not by car!) in this afternoon and helped our kiln work.Firstly, he moved soil away to the side and made grand flat. Secondly he moved about 8 pallets of heavy bricks next to the kiln. Lastly he scooped gravel by skid steer shovel and dump in to the kiln foundation. It's about one hour or something, and we know he is the busiest potter in Seagrove so that his time is very preciouse for his own business, but this is worth more than several weeks of kiln building work for us. We just couldn't say anything other than "Sugoi (It's Great! in Japanese)"

Now the photo below showes it's ready to laying more bricks. Yes, it is. It's huge progress for us and Ben made our day. We can't thank you enough. What we need to do is just build good kiln with hard work.
And, Monday is not always bad day.

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