Monday, June 29, 2009

Kiln Building Update 6/29

We don't have much progress of our kiln since last post because Takuro has been having cold and also we had business trip to Penland. But, I would like to change title from "Kiln Foundation" to "Kiln Building". We almost finish making foundation so far (there are more foundation work later on), and now we move on thinking of exit flue part very carefully.
It's said that the total size of exit flue space and the size of chimney has to be same (or similar), or side holes of exit flue had better bigger than the middle hole, or many many theories about this in East and West, and it always makes us unclear sometimes. But you never know the answer until you do fire the kiln. Imagination and intuition are the key. While Takuro takes care of himself, all we can do is just see and think.

But he never stop working.

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