Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kiln Foundation Update 6/13

It was very hot and humid day today, but we can't miss weekend for kiln building work. Takuro went to Northern tool last night and got concrete mixer, and he got up at 5:30am and did assemble it until 9am....there were hundreds of entire parts in the box! Anyway, now we hove got big helper for making mortal.When our son was taking nap in the afternoon, we worked on making support in front of the fire box area. Dig and put cinder bricks, pour mortal and bury by gravel. It's going to be several layers eventually. When we will start to the Anagama wall part, these cinder brick wall will support all weight from Anagama wall (because it's along with the slope) and they should release pressure into the ground, we hope.Wayne Shiver who is our very good friend and lives on Hyw 42, Southern part of Asheboro and his wife Lydia came to help us this evening. Wayne-san is always kind to us and offerd to help us. We put more gravel in front of fire box, and made mortal and laid several bricks on the second chamber foundation. Thank you so much for your help!Takuro said "Now I feel like finally building kiln, not drop my head and just watch ground all the time". But I am sure we will be tired of stucking bricks sooner, lots of lots of bricks to be kiln wall no doubt.

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