Monday, June 15, 2009

Kiln Foundation Update 6/14

We continued and worked done of the second chamber foundation, and also worked on exit flue part of Anagama chamber on Sunday. This is the most important part of kiln building and we were very careful of level and space in between. Even several millimeter would make huge difference for wood firing later on.
This photo above is second chamber foundation, and floor bricks will be placed on this.

We are lucky to be able to rent a saw to cut those huge bricks. It works very well and we could make just size bricks in to the narrow spot.
Our son went to our friend, Sukoshi-san's house in the afternoon and stayed there for three hours without his parents! He didn't cry and played a lot as she said. It's amazing. I was so afraid he might have got upset, fussy, and cry... but he was OK. HAHAHA. In the mean time, we could concentrate on kiln foundation and had a lot of progress today. When he came home, he wanted to ride on mower and drove it (just drive slowly, no mowing) for a while.
Very good job!

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