Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kiln Foundation Update 6/21

We had work on this Saturday afternoon at STARworks Ceramics, so we were able to work on Saturday morning and all Sunday this weekend. It was really hot even under the shed, and also we got a lot of bugs bite. Yuck. We worked on the floor foundation for the second chamber as well. It's long way to go.

This small guy really wanted to do same thing as his father.



People around us are now very exited about summer vacation, someone take a week and go to beach, someone go to visit family for several weeks, stuff like that.

When we were laying heavy bricks, it was about 2pm which was the hottest time and we were so sweat and tired (and our son was taking nap), to keep up working, I asked Takuro a question "what would you do if you have a week off?". He was thinking, no answer, then asked me back same question, and I said "I would do finish this crazy work as much as possible", and he said "I was going to say exactly like that". I was very disappointed about our conversation. What a boring people we are.

This sand is all mine!

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