Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kiln Building Update 7/18

On Saturday, Takuro started working on kiln at 6am. He cut brick to be fit for the end of 2nd layer and finished it. Then suddenly our friend and also very nice carpenter who lives just several miles from our house, Tony Luck came to help us. He and his team built this kiln shed last December and we really like it a lot.
And Tony was very very good at laying bricks! He does very detailed work. Then, our good friend, David Stuempfle came to help us. Tony and David finished up 3rd layer by noon time.

Ben Owen who is our friend, and good neighbour, and who is super busy potter just had kiln opening last night came by Skid Stair and moved lots of bricks for us. It's big help and it could save lots of time and energy.

Santiago Ramirez (STARworks Ceramics) came to help us. We got "dream team". In the afternoon, we started making structure for inside of Anagama. On Thursday, Takuro and I went to bamboo woods in Robbins and took a lot of thick bamboo. We split Bamboo and then start making arch shape. This is Shigaraki style Anagama building and Furutani Michio's Anagama book has how to do it if you are interested in.

This photo is the end of Saturday. Big improvement because of our friends help.

Thank you very much,
Tony Luck
David Stuempfle
Ben Owen
Santiago Ramirez
You made this possible.

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