Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kiln Building Update 7/19

We had a little bit relax morning today. Walk, eat, and hang around kiln site, and when our son started taking nap around 1pm or so, we started working on kiln really hard. Takuro adjusted bamboo, I started laying bricks and mortal on 2nd chamber where Anagama arch will attach. Then we got Eddie Bernard (Wet Dog Glass, LLC) and Nick Fruin (STARworks Glass Lab) came to help us. They knew what Takuro wanted for this Bamboo structure and started building posts as if they have built before. We are very lucky we have very nice friends who have creative skills and also point of view.
Nick said this looks like fish bone! We really like that.

Someone said I (Hitomi) just take photo and no work, so I put this photo to proof (just kidding).

Also you might think this is too complicated design and no one wants to do like this. I kind of agree it, but want to say this. Shigaraki potters make like this shape Anagama in this way and they make nice unglazed (Yakishime) pots through the history. My point is if you want to have specific effects by wood firing, you must have specific designed wood kiln. If you choose easiest way, you will get easiest result. I think it makes sense.

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