Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kiln Building Update 7/26

It was really hot today, so that even just being outside was very tiring. Our son, Mr. K was very fussy because of the heat, so Takuro or me had to play with him and make him happy all day long. We wish we could afford to have swimming pool next to wood kiln.

Our good friend, Jeff Dean came to help this afternoon, too. It's not great time to work for kiln because way too hot, but he helped us a lot. Thank you, Jeff.

We were able to finish up putting plywood! It looks like a boat, or whale.

It's not related to kiln building, but New Bedford, MA where we used to live has a Whaling Museum in down town. New Bedford was a historic whaling industry town in 19th.
Mr. Grumpy played with water and sand

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