Friday, July 03, 2009

Kiln Building Update 7/3

It's a holiday today because of the Independence Day, so we started kiln building in the morning. Seagrove wood fired potter, David Stuempfle and Santiago Ramirez (STARworks Ceramics) came to help us today. We stacked bricks on exit flue area which has to be very careful and also takes a lot of time, and we have got huge progress we never thought. Thanks a lot, David and Santiago.After David and San-chan left, our son went to nap, then we kept working on second chamber wall. We made air holes on the bottom of fire box, and now second chamber looks like a kiln a little bit. We need to stack 2 more layers then start working on arch which is exciting but also very scary.We have baby monitor so that we can hear when he gets up. We didn't have clock with us, and when we heard a noise of him, we suddenly realized "what time is that?". He slept like 3 and a half hours (too long for nap) and it was already 7pm. Time flies.
Men, looks good!

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