Sunday, July 05, 2009

Oak tree fall down, continued

I never forget June 24th, 2009

The oak tree fell down two weeks ago and then we have got different land view for a while. Everyday I was surprised when I saw the tree with no reason. We didn't think we could do anything for now because we were too busy to clean out.

Eddie and Phil took a look our kiln and they also watched the tree, and we discussed how we can cut this tree before it roll or break, and then they said "Let's do it". It's Sunday 11 am and we never thought cutting tree on Sunday morning... but it was EMERGENCY (good excuse). Takuro asked Santiago to help us because he is a landscape professional, also Eddie's wife Angela and San-chan's wife Kacy-chan came to help this work.

Kacy-chan and Angela

People started cutting branches first as much as possible, then worked on cutting huge trunk. It was really scary to see people jumped on tree and sometimes tree moved with weired noise. Chainsaws stuck and they stick metal bar into and moved big branches by hand. They finished work at 2pm with sawdust everywhere on the body. What people they are!Now tree laid on the ground completely and it's much safer than before. We can cut a little by little and save it for the first wood firing (maybe good karma). Thanks friends very much.

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