Sunday, August 30, 2009

The first bowl with David Stuempfle

We visited David Stuempfle's studio this weekend because he is loading his large wood kiln now. He is going to start firing from Tuesday and it'll be end probably Sunday or Monday or so. Takuro and I always take part in his firing. David's wood kiln is probably the biggest one in Seagrove, or maybe nation wide in US, and it looks like just tunnel and it can hold so many pots inside.
the back side of kiln
Tim Ayers in the fire box (front side of kiln)

David came to Shigaraki in 1998 as a residency artist at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (SCCP) with his partner, Nancy Gottovi. We met them at SCCP briefly at that time. When we stayed at the Cub Creek Foundation for the Ceramic Arts (Appomattox, VA) in 2003, we came down to Seagrove and stayed their house and studio for a week. We were very surprised there was such a big pottery community in US. In this way, we have been knowing David.

David Stuempfle with his large jar (2005)
David's wood firing (2003)

Anyway he and his assistant, Tim Ayers are loading kiln from Saturday. Today (Sunday), it seemed like more than a half way done except large jar which is still sitting in the studio and it needs four people to move and load in the kiln. Our son really loves his studio and kiln site. This evening, he and David made a small bowl together and it's his first pot in his one-and-eight -months life, and I was amazed he already knew how to do it even we never ever taught him.I always tell people I don't want him to be a potter at all because potter's life is not easy. He enjoys playing at STARworks with equipments and tools everyday, so that people said he would be an engineer (I hoped so), but he might be interested in ceramics in the near future. Oh, no.


cookingwithgas said...

sweet post of MR. Ken and David.

deanandmartinpottery said...

Nice first piece Ken, looks like you have a great teacher!
Jeff and Steph

Hitomi said...

Thank you for your comments, guys. Ken enjoyed working on the wheel. I hope not he gets more interested in it. HAHAHA