Friday, August 14, 2009

Kiln Building Update 8/13

When Takuro came back from work yesterday, he said " I am going to take down wooden frame tonight". I said "You are kidding? It's too late", but at that time Santiago was already on the way to our house to help it. What an arrangement was it! They started around 6:30pm, and it was really scary to watch them, but they kept breaking up wood frames and finally all taken down at 9pm. Great job.

These are photos how our Anagama looks like. We still have lots of things to do, though. We and our Dream Team worked on this project a little by little, bricks by bricks, and we think it was right way to build this Anagama.

Be careful!

Thank you for watching this blog and giving us kind comments. You made us cheer up and motivated. I probably will not update often (like recent updates) unless we get some progress, but hope you can check it out sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Every exciting!! I've enjoyed following your progress and look forward to your first kiln opening. Diane

Hollis Engley said...

Very impressive. It certainly does look like an anagama. Congratulations!

cindy shake said...

Congratulations! A real work of ART!