Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kiln Building Update 8/27

Our wonderful neighbour, Ben Owen came to help for our kiln this morning by skid steer. He moved away bricks and then moved soil into the space around the kiln. Now kiln is buried and got more stable. Ben is one of the busiest potter in Seagrove, and we really appreciate he made time for us.We will ask Tony Luck and his team to build extension shed soon. And then start building the second and third chambers. There are lots of things to do.


JLK Jewelry said...

That Ben! He can do all kinds of stuff with dirt can't he. Looks great.

Alex Solla said...

What an excellent friend to have handy! Always nice to have an excavator/skidsteer handy when building stuff! It is amazing to see the progress you've made on this kiln this summer. Great job! I cant wait to see the pots that come from the first few firings!!!

Hitomi said...

Thank you for your comments. Ben is a wonderful friend and also neighbor and we are very lucky living here. However, he is super busy and we feel bad to ask his help many times. Someday when he needs help, we want to do anything we can, but I wonder if there will be such a day.

We do our best now and try to have the first firing in this fall. Lots of things to do and we just need to keep working!