Friday, August 28, 2009

Shigaraki Potter, Kiyotsugu Sawa

Mr. Kiyotsugu Sawa

When I was organizing way-too-many photos, I found many interesting photos in my computer hard disc, and I thought I should share some of them with people in English. Our favorite potter, Kiyotsugu Sawa is a well known Anagama potter in Shigaraki, Japan. He makes beautiful unglazed pots and fires by his very simple Anagama. His Anagama is buried in the ground.

We could see his wood firing and kiln unloading in 2005, it was just before coming to NC. Those photos are from his kiln unloading. See his nice, simple and wild Anagama, and his beautiful pots.

Just one hole for exit flue inside his Anagama

Those were taken from his studio. The cylinders under the pots are used to be kiln furniture from old Noborigama, at least 100 years ago or so. Sawa family is one of the oldest pottery families in Shigaraki and made tons of pots through the history.


cindy shake said...

wonderful images, especially the picture of the pots siting outside. thank you for sharing!

Hollis Engley said...

Like Cindy, I love seeing those pots outside, especially sitting there on posts next to the parking lot. Very good of you to share them.

Hitomi said...

Dear Cindy and Hollis

Thank you for your comments.

The last photo shows interesting tools. Wooden boards on the bamboo above slide door, lots of bats on the metal carts, ring cushion made of straw under the jar, etc.

To me, these view was very normal and usual, but now it's not and I feel I miss it a lot. I have too many pictures of Shigaraki and Japan, so sometimes I will put on blog to show a very small part of Japanese culture around myself.