Monday, October 26, 2009

Kiln Building Update 10/25

We knew it's going to be rainy day, but worked on our wood kiln this weekend. David Stuempfle, Andres Allik and Santiago Ramirez came to help us on Saturday morning and kiln got good progress because of their great help. Thank you very much guys.

Takuro was very impressed how Andres works so good, fast and perfect for stacking bricks. He knows about bricks a lot. You must see his work if you have a chance.

Takuro stopped working and went to work (Central park NC will have an annual gathering this Thursday), but Andres and David kept working for another hour. When Takuro came back, he saw they stacked three more layers, so that Takuro was able to finish door side wall by dark on Saturday.
Wall side of second chamber is still empty, and we will be able to finish in November. Stil lots of things to do, but it's getting close a little by little.

I can move lots of sand

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