Monday, November 02, 2009

Kiln Building Update 11/1

It was wet and dark morning, but we had to work on kiln. Andres came to help us on Saturday 9am, and we could have a lot of progress because of his help. Andres taught many things and we are very fortunate to see his kiln building technique. We have to cut many bricks into very complicated shape to be fit under the arch, and Andres cuts bricks very easily, fast and perfect always. It's just amazing work.

Those photos are on Saturday (10/31).
Those are on Sunday (11/1).Takuro almost finished the second chamber wall except three more layers on Sunday, and it seems we will move on to exit flue and chimney sooner. We might be able to finish most part of our kiln by Dec. We'll see.


June Perry said...

Looking forward to the pots that will be coming out of this kiln.

June Perry

Joe and Christy said...

yay--looks great! i bet you both are getting strong from lugging those oversized bricks around. joe and i moved a few of our "leftovers" around when we were cleaning up for our fall art tour, and my arms were sore afterwards!