Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kiln Floors

It was pouring rain on Christmas day in Seagrove, so we didn't do anything, just played with Ken, watched DVD, and ate ordinary food. I hope everyone had a happy Christmas day.

The next day, Takuro tried to finish up kiln floor and I tried to clean up around the kiln. We both got very thick mud underneath of shoes. It's been so wet in this winter and made our work slow and muddy.

Anyway, Anagama and 2nd chember floors are almost done today (27th).
We need to cut bricks for door. Team Tony (carpenters) will work on finishing up roof for a half day sometime next week, then we need to stack bricks for chimney probably six more feet. There are lots of lots of waste woods from kiln shed, and need to be burned in order to clear up kiln area. Hope we finish working on kiln by the end of this year.


ang said...

your work is looking so good, can almost smell the first firing..all the best for this weeks progress..

Hitomi said...


Thank you for your comment.

We are very exited about the first firing coming soon. Even we finish kiln building, we have to clean up kiln area, cut lots of fire wood, and make pots!

It's been so cold here (but not as cold as north) and we didn't have much fun stuff during holidays, but we are very lucky we are able to concentrate this project and seems like we will get work done soon.