Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Kiln Shed Extension 1

Finally Team Tony came to work for our kiln shed extension and we are very exited about it. They put posts in this morning and it was really quick. They will make extension all around the existing shed, so it will be 36 (width) x 52 (long) or something like that totally. It'll be rain this afternoon until tomorrow, so that this project will take a little bit longer, but we are very happy about they came. Thanks Tony and we can't wait to see.


cindy shake said...

What a large and WONDERFUL out building! I've enjoyed reading about your progress.

Hitomi said...


Thank you for your comment and also watching this blog.

To me, builder's work is very interesting because they can make big scale buildings in several days. Our carpenters are doing great job.

On the other hand, our kiln building took almost 8 months so far. HAHAHA

Whichever quick or slow, it makes us feel good when we see the progress.