Friday, January 29, 2010

The first firing of 2nd chamber

We started preheating by gas at Sat 7pm, and started burning wood at Sun 2am. The weather was not friendly at all and also brought strong rain&wind, so it made everything worse. It was the most difficult firing for Takuro and me from our wood firing experiences, but we made it because our good friends helped us. We finished firing on Monday midnight and it took whole 2days.

We learned three things as the most important from this firing:
1: Prepare fire wood at least several months before the firing
2: Have thick insulation
3: Don't have firing in the storm

Huge thanks to:
Santiago Ramirez
Kacy Cook
David Stuempfle
Jeff Dean
Wayne Shiver
Chris Luther
Ikuko Hussy (Sukoshi-san)
and you!

Because kiln didn't have thick insulation, we were able to unload on Wednesday evening (2 days after the firing). The bottom got under fired, but we had some good works and they were delivered to NCPC for our group show.

It's been so busy since December, and finally we are able to sleep a lot.


JLK Jewelry said...

The pictures look great! Let us know next time, we'll bring food!!

ang said...

ah excellent to get a firing under your belt...looks great!!

cindy shake said...

Congratulations! So glad you had successful pieces and learned some things too -best of both worlds. Wonderful images, again congratulations on your combined efforts!

Hitomi said...

Thanks, everyone!