Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Metal Braces 1/18

It's been a while since last post. We have been very busy and cold and not many things to update on this blog. We were making pots in the studio recently and we really hate to worry about freezing pots in the midnight. We are not supposed to have -10 degrees in Celsius. Maybe this summer or fall, we should work on putting insulation in our studio.

Anyway, we worked on kiln last weekend. Takuro asked our friend, Eddy Bernard (Wetdog Glass) to give us advice about metal frame for kiln chambers and chimney. It was a big help. Thank you, Eddie. The good thing is Takuro learned metal welding when he was in Japan for 5 months, and he is really good at putting metal together. He made metal brace for our kiln and it was a good job.

Chimney needs about 10 more layers, also there are some detail works, but it's getting better as well as weather! No more -10 degrees in Celsius, please.

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rwhendrix said...

The teel framework look very good. I haven't braced my kiln as it is a temporary build. But I always worry about it moving and working apart. Bracing it with a steel frame is a good idea. Great job!