Monday, February 22, 2010

Put insulation and get more organized

It's been so cold and wet for a several months, and we are really tired of winter. Finally we got a very nice warm spring day in Seagrove last weekend.We were able to do some kiln work, and our son enjoyed playing around wood kiln, too.

On Saturday, we worked on putting insulation (ceramic fiber) on Anagama chamber. We had large 6 boxes of fiber, but we used all of them for just Anagama. We need to buy more for the second and the third chambers soon. This works needs wire and clay coating on top of fiber later on.

On Sunday, we made posts and shelves under the extension shed for fire wood and also store pots. It's very common to make storage space for pots under the shed in Japan. We bought an impact driver drill (Hitachi) on Valentines day which is really romantic gift, HAHAHA. And it works super nice for those carpentry job.Anyway it was a great weekend and we were very satisfied those progress with sour muscle.

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