Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insulation work continued 3

It's been really nice weather, so that kiln clay dries so quickly and it made insulation work fast. Takuro finally finished the 3rd chamber insulation recently. Kiln clay seems different color than Anagama and 2nd chambers because it's made from different clay (yellow), might be a little bit low temperature, but it's OK because it'll be used for just empty chamber or just bisque basically, and also we kind of like this color very much.
We started to make pots since last week and we want to have a wood firing in this spring, and want to see how much those insulation works this time. Everything is an experiment and all firing is different. We like that.

Our son got hair cut last week and now he looks like a boy. I kept his hair (from when he was born!) and will send some to our parents in Japan. He has never seen his grand parents yet and also Japan yet. Hope we can visit our family in Japan sometime in the end of this year or next year. It'll be more than 5 years since we left Japan for Takuro and me, and we really miss people and many more things there. Is it home sick? Probably no... 5 years is really long long time no see your family.

By the way, our orange cat, Zubee (he is originally from Shigaraki, Japan) now goes outside in daytime. Other cat (adapted in US), too. I was afraid if they were gone or would hit by car or something happens, but seems like they just play around our house and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Insulation work continued 2

It's been warmer recently and finally DST started, so it give s us more time to work on our kiln. We've waited for this at last ! These past a few weeks, we put insulation on 2nd chamber and coat by clay a little by little. Now it really looks like a wood kiln. We still have insulation work for 3rd and exit flue area, but it's not big deal. Now it's time to make pots.

I will be a kiln builder!

Also I started tilling and seeding in my garden which looked completely dead through this winter, and now I have to fight with fire ants again. I don't have much time for my garden in this year, but at least I can have some lettuces, Asian greens, and cherry tomatos.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Insulation work continued 1

We had very very busy week, so that last weekend was a kind of slow going. We did kiln work a little bit and put wire and clay on top of the fiber. Our clay mixer is too small and took long time to make. We might put more clay later, but it looks nice so far.