Friday, March 19, 2010

Insulation work continued 2

It's been warmer recently and finally DST started, so it give s us more time to work on our kiln. We've waited for this at last ! These past a few weeks, we put insulation on 2nd chamber and coat by clay a little by little. Now it really looks like a wood kiln. We still have insulation work for 3rd and exit flue area, but it's not big deal. Now it's time to make pots.

I will be a kiln builder!

Also I started tilling and seeding in my garden which looked completely dead through this winter, and now I have to fight with fire ants again. I don't have much time for my garden in this year, but at least I can have some lettuces, Asian greens, and cherry tomatos.


Joe and Christy said...

Your kiln is beautiful! I hope I can make it back down to NC at some point and see it in person.

JLK Jewelry said...

Looks great! We'll have veggies for you. You know how Wes likes to grow a lot of them!

deanandmartinpottery said...

The kiln looks great! Looks like your little kiln builder has everything under control.

Hollis Engley said...

It looks like a great kiln. Can't wait to see the next firing.

Hitomi said...

Joe, thank you for your comments!

We wish you were in Seagrove, but you and Christy did great job for your kiln and also setting up life up there. We enjoy readign your blog.

We will have a group show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at Coe College with Cub Creek artists in this fall, and hope we can visit you and Christy. We'll contact you when we see more details.

Hitomi said...


Thank you for your comment. I am sure your garden looks very good! Mine looked really bad this winter but Takuro and I finally clean up and seeded some greens. Can't wait to see you soon!

Hitomi said...

Jeff and Stephanie

Thank you for your comment. We are lucky to have great help. HAHAHA
We will stop by your studio sometime soon!

Hitomi said...


Thank you for your comment always!
We will have a 2nd chamber wood firing soon because we have a show, but try to have the anagama firing in this summer or fall. We have many things to test. I keep update as much as I can.