Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unloading kiln 10/13

2nd chamber
We unloaded kiln last night and we got good results. Cone 10 down all spot and some parts got 11 down. Very efficient, easier and clean wood firing. 

3rd chamber

pots pots and pots
Large work will be sent to the Cub Creek Foundation for the Ceramics Arts and there will be the Cub Creek Exhibition at Coe College, Ceder Rapids, Iowa. Cub Creek studio is where Takuro and I were residency artists in 2003, and it's established by John Jessiman who is one of the best Ceramic educator in US.. More info about Cub Creek:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wood Firing #4 10/9

It was really busy weekend, again.

We loaded kiln on whole Friday, closed up door at 9pm, then started preheating by gas burner. This time we put pots not only 2nd chamber but also 3rd. Takuro started stoking wood from 12am and kept doing until 7am which was the hardest shift.

Here is the kiln log:
10/8 (fri)
9pm start preheating
10/9 (sat)
12am start wood
7am 650 degrees in Celsius
10am cone 010 down
12pm 1100c
3pm 1200c cone 7 down, kick in salt (10 lb)
5pm 1240c cone 10 moving
7pm start stoking wood for 3rd chamber
7:30pm 2nd chamber 1250c, cone 11 down (hottest spot),
         cone 10 down (coldest spot), 2nd chamber stop firing
9pm 3rd chamber cone 11 down (bottom), cone 10 down (top),
       stop firing, all done!

Totally 21 hours (about 20 hours for 2nd, 2 hours for 3rd) by wood, 3 hours preheating by gas.

It was much easier wood firing compare to past firings. I think lots of pots in 3rd chamber made whole firing better and manageable. It must have been a lot of waist of heat without pots in 3rd. For the next firing, we will put some refired pots in 3rd.

Lots of pots
Loading supervisor (front)
Takuro's large jars and my large plates for a coming exhibition
Pots in 3rd chamber as a new experiment
Firing supervisor (left)
Lots of frame and smoke
almost done

Thank you very much to:
Santiago Ramirez
Jugtown Pottery Family
We couldn't have done without your help.