Monday, November 08, 2010

Wood Firing #5 11/6

It was really busy week&weekend.
We opened up kiln and started glazing on Wednesday,
and took all day for loading kiln on Friday.
Here is the kiln log:

6pm Closed door bricks and started gas preheating
12am Started burning wood
6am 500c
12pm 1000c
4pm 1200c, cone 7 down and salt kick in
8pm 1260c, cone 10 down in the coolest spot
      2nd chamber done
      started stoke wood for 3rd chamber, 1000c
10pm 1200c
1am cone 10 down, 3rd chamber shut down
Totally 25 hours by fire wood, 6 hours by gas preheating.

Lots of thanks to:
Yamazawa-san (Yamazushi, Durham)

We were so tired and also glad we could finished the last wood firing in this year.
Totally five wood firings in 2010.


Hollis Engley said...

It's good to see that smoke rising up from the chimney. Take lots of photos when you open.

Hitomi said...


Thank you for your comment.
We will unload kiln on Wednesday,
Can't wait to see.
Is it snowing in MA already?

deanandmartinpottery said...

Hope the firing went well. Can't wait to see the new pots. Maybe you all can take a little break for now before the show. Wish you all the best. We will see you soon.

Hitomi said...

>Jeff and Stephanie

thank you for your comment.
We will see you on Friday.