Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Misc notes

After Thanksgiving, my dates got slow down and seems to be ready for hibernation. HAHAHA We bought a bigger TV, air compressor and Dremel on black Friday sale which made us happy.

Ken become three years old on Dec 6th, and he got a toy chain saw as his birthday present from us. On the birthday morning, he was exited about his new tool and went wood pile and tried to cut fire wood. Then he started crying so hard because he couldn't cut as Takuro's huskbarna does. He is too young to use a real one yet. HAHAHA

It's a toy
We will try to work on our studio renovation (install insulation on the wall) in this holidays, so stop working on making pots for a while. We have been super busy this year.... we finished up kiln building, had 5 times wood firings, got a new born baby in May (this is a big deal for me), had many shows, and etc. So I think it's not bad idea to take away from making pots for a couple of months.   But I will sometimes keep posting news, thoughts and any progress I see.