Thursday, December 08, 2011

Winter Exhibition: Hard and Soft, Pottery and Shibori

WInter Exhibition: Hard and Soft
Pottery by Hitomi and Takuro Shibata
Shibori by Susan Fennell

Reception Saturday, December 10th 4-6pm

Exhibition Dates: December 5th 2011 -February 29th 2012

Location: NC Japan Center
(Dorothea Dix Campus)
705 Barbour Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603

David Stuempfle Kiln Opening Sale

New Work by David Stuempfle
Kiln Opening Sale
Saturday, December 10, 2011
with Guest Artists
Takuro Shibata, Hitomi Shibata
Adam Landman and Anne Partna
1224 Dover Church Rd.
Seagrove, NC 27341

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wood Firing April 2011

We started wood firing on Friday night and finished it on Sunday afternoon.
It was 5 hours by gas and 33 hours by wood, a half day longer firing than usual because all was greenware.
We were able to manage to get work done.

Special thanks to:
Tony, Richard and Georgia

Got to be cool

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disaster in Japan

Dear friends,

As you know there was the worst earthquake and Tsunami in northern part of Japan on March 11, and many people were lost and suffer of this disaster. Especially several nuclear plants are under serious danger now and it makes people fear.

Our families live in western part of Japan, and we were able to talk to them after the quake. I was relieved, however, still many people suffer right now. People try to help each other with lots of patience, and I am so frustrated I cannot do anything for them.

Please keep watching news and pray for them.

You can see live news here:

This is the way you can support people in Japan and also people who rescue there:

Lastly, I really hope anyone who are waiting for rescue are saved as many as possible and make people relieved at least.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Setsubun 2011

Feb 3rd was a Setsubun (celebration of Spring in Japan) and usually people eat roll sushi and throw rosted soy beans at the entrance of house to chase away Oni (a kind of monster) as a tradition. 
See more details here about Setsubun:

I made several roll sushi and brought to Takuro's office. The direction of this year was South-south-east, and Takuro made sure by iphone (what a convenient tool), then we ate one whole roll sushi without talking. It's strange, but this is the way how to have a good luck.
I don't like rice at all
I don't care about Sushi
Don't speak!
Can't wait for spring, so badly.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays and hope everyone had great Xmas and new year.

It's just misc notes, but I want to update things we had in these days. 

Ken and I had a cold since mid of Dec, and it took almost 2 weeks to recover. I was so upset because I couldn't have done anything in the busiest season, and it's really depressing to be sick through Xmas holidays. 

As for our kids, Ken is enough big to understand "what is Xmas", and he kept asking us where is Santa-san and what he is doing.  We told him Santa-san only comes to good children's home so that he had to be behave. Ken tried to be, but sometimes he wasn't. HAHAHA  

No matter what parents told Ken, Santa-san came and left Xmas presents for Ken and Tomo. Ken got a helicopter and Tomo got a toy hummer. Ken was really exited to opened a present box which he didn't do any last year. Takuro got a fleece jacket and lunch bag, and I got iPod touch. Just like "Throw a sprat to catch a whale".

On the new years eve, we went to Yamazushi restaurant in Durham. We ordered "Osechi Ryori" (Japanese traditional new year food) and went  there to pick it up. We also had great lunch at the restaurant and it was really kind of Yamazawa-san. Osechi by Yamazushi had over 20 kinds of dishes and most ingredients were really hard to get in this area, so it's a great deal and worth to have it. All food has a tradition and reason to be in Osechi, and has meaning as good luck and good health for new year. Click and see this page to learn about Osechi.

As for our pottery work, we haven't made pots yet, but we started studio renovation since Xmas. Because our studio didn't have insulation at all, Takuro has lost several large jars by freezing. We are installing insulation and  making throwing space in the oldest part of barn. It will take a while to get work done, but carpentry work is good in the cold winter because woods and insulation don't freeze. HAHAHA

I really miss Japanese new year holidays. Someday I hope we will be able to spend a new year with our families in Japan.