Monday, March 26, 2012

Studio Upgrade

We started making pots in our studio again and it's been a while no working in the studio... because we had to pour concrete! Finally we got a nice, flat and leveled floor.

No help, please

It's time to work in the studio!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chick factory

Since I started backyard chicken project last year, it's been great and we enjoy getting fresh eggs everyday. We lost two chickens by predators in this new year and I was very very sad for a while, and Takuro built steady coop for our girls this winter and it's big enough have more.

I had two laying chickens left at that time, and our friend & neighbour Chris let me borrow his two laying hens until I will have more later. and now there are four laying chickens in this coop and they give us 2-3 eggs per day.
One weekend in the end of January
Used materials from our studio
Kept working a little by little, day by day

Almost done in the end of February
Coop size is 24' x 10'
Highest 6', lowest 4'
It cost several hundreds dollars

Piece and safe
Then, as you imagine, I ran off to farm supply shop several times, and got 12 chicks this spring so far.
There are 4 Black Stars, 4 Black Australorps, and 4 Araucanas.
They are so cute and make lots of noise in my small kitchen.

3/10 Black Stars

3/20 Black Stars

3/20 Black Australorps

Chick Factory in the kitchen

Araucana make blue/green eggs

Very busy
The day I bought 4 Araucana chicks, I was giving bathe for boys in the bathroom,
then I heard Takuro's shout from kitchen.

" WHY there are so many chicks?????"

I thought "....oops"