Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chick factory

Since I started backyard chicken project last year, it's been great and we enjoy getting fresh eggs everyday. We lost two chickens by predators in this new year and I was very very sad for a while, and Takuro built steady coop for our girls this winter and it's big enough have more.

I had two laying chickens left at that time, and our friend & neighbour Chris let me borrow his two laying hens until I will have more later. and now there are four laying chickens in this coop and they give us 2-3 eggs per day.
One weekend in the end of January
Used materials from our studio
Kept working a little by little, day by day

Almost done in the end of February
Coop size is 24' x 10'
Highest 6', lowest 4'
It cost several hundreds dollars

Piece and safe
Then, as you imagine, I ran off to farm supply shop several times, and got 12 chicks this spring so far.
There are 4 Black Stars, 4 Black Australorps, and 4 Araucanas.
They are so cute and make lots of noise in my small kitchen.

3/10 Black Stars

3/20 Black Stars

3/20 Black Australorps

Chick Factory in the kitchen

Araucana make blue/green eggs

Very busy
The day I bought 4 Araucana chicks, I was giving bathe for boys in the bathroom,
then I heard Takuro's shout from kitchen.

" WHY there are so many chicks?????"

I thought "....oops"


Tim Ayers said...

Once you get past the chick stage I think you'll both find that there is little difference in caring for four chickens versus twelve. Great looking coop. Miss yall

Hitomi said...


Hey, how are you? When are you going to come back to NC? We all miss you very much.

Even we have a steady chicken coop, it's still possible to loose some by accident, so I got 12 chicks just in case. If 12 chicks will survive and start laying eggs, it'll be 16 hens! but, fresh eggs are great gift for your friends! so no waste at all.

When I work on garden or yard, they can come outside and spend a couple of hours eating bugs and dirt, but mostly they are in the coop. I feel sorry for them, but I have to protect them.

I can see each chickens has personality and enjoy chicken drama everyday!