Friday, October 05, 2012

Unloading Kiln

We did unloading kiln on Wednesday evening.

looks good
There were more people than usual this time.
Koizumi-san (Shimpo USA), Ms. Mie Hazama (Japanese potter in Kumamoto), San-chan, Kacy-chan, Anne and her Estonian friend, and Shibatas.

All pots from this firing
Shino got more reddish this time
Tiny display in our studio looks crowded
My plates, bowls and jars
Takuro's vases and jars
Takuro's teabowls
They were already all gone
Speaking a special, unexpected guest, we found a kitty underneath of studio on the day before unloading day. He was covered by dust, but after I pick him up, I found that it's not dust but full of Fleas!
I just ran to the bathroom and made a warm water in the bucket, and washed him over and over.

Hello the world!
I am hungry!
He (probably) has got a temporary name as "Chibi" ( means small in Japanese), and staying in the studio.
He is very sweet, friendly, and miss his mom. If you are interested in this kitten, let me know!

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