Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Wood Firing, Sep 29-30, 2012

It's been long time since the last post because we had very very busy summer, and it's already a time to make pots and have wood firing again.

Bad thing was Ken got fever two times last week, then gave it to me and I got fever as well, so everything was behind and delayed. Also we found out one of the floor brick was melt and broken, so it took a couple of hours to fix it before loading kiln.

Fortunately we were able to finish loading kiln on Friday 11pm, and did gas pre-heating for a night, then started wood from 6am on Saturday.

Team morning shift

Zubee is warming up

Team midnight shift

After all, firing was over an Sunday, 5am.
We passed out immediately, but boys got up 8am and they were ready to play!
Takuro and I were soooooo tired all weekend.

On Monday, boys went to school (daycare), Takuro went to work, and a wife had a nice and quiet day off at home. Enjoy watching TV, playing with new device, eating chocolate, and I thought what a nice B-day I ever had.

Nexus 7

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