Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting ready for the Kiln Opening

We unloaded our kiln on Thursday Morning at 6am.
It was good firing, I thought.
Door Side

Cone 10 down on the bottom layer
and cone 11 down on the top

Before sun rise

Wall side 

Lots of clean up

Tea Pots
After cleaning up pots, I worked on display. It's been empty in the gallery room, and now it looks the space filled up well.

Lots of mugs

STARworks Seagrove 10 clay and Ash glaze

Takuro's large jars, 27 inch (68.5cm) height

Hitomi's large bowl, 17 inch (43.5cm) width
Okeemedium 10
Mugs, mugs, mugs

Takuro's flower vase, just for one flower

My teapots, one drip from the spouts

Plates and rice bowls

I also made the sign. Fancy!
Cat's are busy, too

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June Perry said...

Great firing!