Monday, April 15, 2013

Wood Firing, April 12-14, 2013

We have just finished wood firing for the Spring Kiln Opening which will be hold this weekend.
These below is a 2013 spring wood firing notes.

We had wood bisque firing on March 30, 2013.

Then we start glazing...

Kiln loading day on April 12 (Fri).
Sun rise
Wall side, the first layer
Wall side, 2nd layer
Wall side, 3rd layer

Wall side, 4th layer
Wall side complete
Door side, whole loading done

We started gas pre-heating on Friday 10pm.
And Takuro got up early and started wood burning from 5am on Saturday morning.

He loves wood firing job

When temperature reach 1100 C,
big frame comes from the chimney

Salt kicked in

Kiln Log
April 12 (Fri)
5pm Finished loading kiln
10pm Start gas pre-heating

April 13 (Sat)
5am Start wood burning about 30 degrees in Celsius
12pm 800 C
5pm 1150 C
6pm 1200 C
9pm Salt kicked in
11pm 1300 C
Hottest part got cone 11 half

April 14 (Sun)
1am 1290
coolest part got cone 10 down
Kiln shut down

Special Thanks to:
Wayne Shiver
Jacob and Elizabeth
Mr. Pete

Unloading will be on Wednesday evening.

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