Friday, September 19, 2014

Making pots days

After clean up studio, we got back to creative days.
It's been a while, so took a bit time to remember how I was supposed to.
Then I remembered how much I missed and loved making stuff on the wheel.

Normally, after a while and when you start making pots, you make Yunomi (teacup) first.
It's very simple way to practice for your hands to remember, but.

I started from Kyusu (Japanese teapots) that is the most complicated small scale table wares.
Why? because that's the one I really missed making.

30-40 small holes as tea leave strainer
A spout will be attached after this job

White slip application has done

Flat shape large jars (23-24"H)

Large Jar (22"H)

Large Bowl (24"w)

I am watching you

I am waiting for you

Takuro's throwing room
Our goal is to make enough pots to fill up two loads of our wood kiln (salt chamber) for this coming busy Fall season.

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